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Programme Description
It is not possible to control or manage 100% of risk, but knowing what do before, during, and after an event will mitigate the damage and harm. Identifying potential hazards and risks and making it part of the day to day business is important. Safety should be the first priority as every business must face the reality of risks and hazards.
This course prepares participants for awareness of hazards and risk they might not realize can be around the workplace. Identifying hazards through proper procedures will provide participants the discipline and ability required to prevent that accident before it occurs. Limiting and removing potential dangers through Risk Assessment will be a major investment.
Course Contents
Identifying Hazards and Risks
• What is a Hazard?
• What is a Risk?
• Consult with employees
• Likelihood scale.
Seeking Out Problems Before they Happen
• Problems unique to your business
• Long term and short term
• Common issues
• Ask “What would happen if . . . ?”
• Events you cannot control
• Worst Case Scenarios
• Consequence Scale.
Everyone’s Responsibility
• See it, Report it!
• If It Is Not Safe Don’t Do It
• Take appropriate precautions
• Communicate to the organization.
Tracking and Updating Control Measures
• What is a Control Measure?
• Your business procedures
• Are they adequate?
• Updating and maintaining.
Risk Management Techniques
• Reduce the risk
• Transfer the risk
• Avoid the risk
• Accept the risk.
• Incidence Reports
• Accident Response Plan
• Emergency Action Plan.
Business Continuity Analysis
• Gather Information
• Identify Vulnerabilities
• Analyze Information
• Implement Recommendations.
Emergency Management Plan
• Make It Before You Need It
• Test, Update, and Repeat
• Keep documentation simple and clear
• What are the Hazards?
• Who might be harmed?
• Are current Control Measures sufficient?
• Precautions.
·      3 (three) days
·      Lectures

·      Discussions

·      Individual and group exercises

·      Case studies

·      Activities



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