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NetApp ONTAP 9.3 Cluster Administration and Data Protection Bundle (CDOTDP9)


This 5-day course comprises the 3-day ONTAP 9.3 Cluster Administration (ONTAP9ADM) followed by the 2-day ONTAP 9.3 Data Protection Administration (DATAPROT9) courses. The first 3 days uses lecture and hands-on exercises to teach basic administration of an ONTAP® cluster. You configure and maintain a cluster. You practice working with ONTAP features. You use the cluster shell and OnCommand® System Manager to manage storage and network resources. Spend the final 2 days learning the core technologies of ONTAP Data protection administration. You will learn to become proficient with ONTAP SnapMirror, SnapVault, SVM DR, SyncMirror, and NDMP technologies used to replicate, restore, and protect mission-critical data in the enterprise. Backup and restore operations are taught using the NetApp storage system CLI and the OnCommand System Manager. The course also provides an overview of the ONTAP MetroCluster high-availability and disaster recovery software solution.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: ONTAP 9

  • Data Fabric foundation 
  • ONTAP deployment options 
  • Software Defined storage 
  • Cluster components 
  • Storage Virtual Machine (SVM)

Lesson 2: Cluster Setup

  • Supported FAS and all Flash FAS configurations 
  • Cluster setup 
  • Administration interfaces 
  • OnCommand System Manager

Lesson 3: Cluster Management

  • Manage access control 
  • Configure cluster setting 
  • Manage cluster-level features 
  • Date and time 
  • Licenses 
  • Policies, jobs, and schedules

Lesson 4: Network Management

  • Network review 
  • Network ports 
  • IPspaces 
  • LIFs 
  • Nondisruptive LIF configuration 
  • Routing management

Lesson 5: Physical Storage Management

  • Architecture concepts 
  • Storage resources 
  • Disks 
  • RAID groups 
  • Aggregates 
  • Disk partitioning 
  • Flash pool and Flash cache 
  • FabricPool aggregates

Lesson 6: Logical Storage Management

  • Flexible volumes 
  • FlexVol 
  • FlexGroup 
  • Provisioning storage resources 
  • Moving storage resources

Lesson 7: Managing Data

  • Unified storage 
  • NAS protocols 
  • NFS 
  • SMB 
  • SAN protocols 
  • iSCSI 
  • Managing Snapshot copies 
  • Snapshot policy 
  • Restoring data from Snapshot copy

Lesson 8: Storage Efficiency

  • Thin provisioning 
  • Deduplication and compression 
  • Flash efficiency 
  • Inline data compaction 
  • FlexClone volumes

Lesson 9: Cluster Maintenance

  • Active IQ 
  • Upgrading the cluster 
  • Events and alerts 
  • Performance best practices 
  • Technical support

Lesson 10: ONTAP Integrated Data Protection

  • Overview 
  • Data protection solutions 
  • Integrated data protection features 
  • Monitor and manage solutions

Lesson 11: NetApp Mirroring Fundamentals

  • Mirror relationship components 
  • SnapMirror policy configuration 
  • intercluster network configurations 
  • SnapMirror and SnapVault cascade deployments 
  • Cluster and SVM peering

Lesson 12: Implementation of SanpMirror Relationships

  • Creating and initializing the SnapMirror relationship 
  • Disaster recovery 
  • SnapMirror and ONTAP feature interaction

Lesson 13: Disaster Recovery for Storage Virtual Machines

  • SVM disaster recovery requirements 
  • SVM for data protection 
  • Manual SVM update 
  • Scheduled SMV updates

Lesson 14: Disk-To-Disk Backup with SnapVault Software

  • SnapVault relationship 
  • SnapVault and storage compression 
  • Restoring data using SnapVault

Lesson 15: SyncMirror and MetroCluster Software

  • SyncMirror components 
  • SyncMirror operation 
  • MetroCluster overview 
  • MetroCluster switchover, healing, and switchback

Lesson 16: NDMP and Tape Backup

  • NDMP fundamentals 
  • Terms and concepts 
  • Backup models 
  • NDMP management


Network Engineers, Channel Partners, System Engineers, NetApp Customers


ONTAP Cluster Fundamentals WBT (OCFWBT), ONTAP Data Management Fundamentals (DMFWBT), ONTAP Data Network Fundamentals (DNFWBT), ONTAP NAS Fundamentals WBT (ONFWBT), ONTAP SAN Fundamentals WBT (OSFWBT)



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