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Programme Description
This course will take the PAs and Senior Secretaries through some thought process that focuses on the style and work culture which characterises the managers they work with. The jobs of Personal Assistants and Senior Secretaries involve consciously working with the boss to obtain the best possible results for the organisation, for the boss and, of course, for the PA and Secretary too!
• How PAs and Senior Secretaries work smart, not just hard, putting the most emphasis on the most critical functions.
• How they appreciate that nothing will help their career more than a reputation for high quality work that makes their boss look good.
• How they make their boss become comfortably dependent on them for new ideas and support.
Course Contents
Changing Roles and Competencies in Top Secretarial Positions
o Traditional Roles
o Emerging Roles
Understanding Changes Affecting Business
Mastering Management Process & Office Organization
Maintaining Corporate Secrecy and Confidentiality
Records Keeping and Good Memory
Interpersonal Skills
o We are all different
o We see things differently
o We do things differently
Office Etiquette
o Business
o Meeting
o Social
o Telephone
o Visitor
o Dress
o E-mail
Managing the Boss
o Everyone’s Pal Boss
o Self  Promoter Boss
o High Achiever Boss
o Roadblocks Boss
Communicating Effectively
o Report writing skills
o Oral communication skills
Scheduling Meetings and Writing Minutes
o Minutes   – what it is, what it is not
o The Importance of Minutes
o Types of Minutes
o Minutes Format
o Steps to Effective Minutes
o Qualities of Good Minutes
Email, Internet and Intranet Proficiency
Managing Self for Effective Time Use
o Prioritisation
o Personal effectiveness
o Goal setting
o Time management
The P.A.’s Time Wasters
o Ineffective meetings
o Unproductive gist and talks
o Coming late to the office
o The “African time” syndrome
o Unskilled managers and subordinates
Documents and Mails Handling
Files Management and Information Retrieval
Self Carriage and Comportment
o Posture
o Attitude
o Poise
o Stance
Involvement in Projects and Events
o Plan projects quicker and better.
o Resolve problems quicker.
o Manage expectations with stakeholders.
o focus on metrics and fact-based decision-making.
Career Trends – Tips for Professional Success.
·      3 (three) days
·      Lectures

·      Discussions

·      Individual and group exercises

·      Case studies

·      Activities



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