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Documents Control & Records Management

(Available also for Customised Training by Duration, Venue & Fee)
Programme Description
Document Control and Records Management are a very important part of any management system. Records are needed for identification and evidence of transactions for government and private businesses. And because mismanagement of records can be as hazardous and can cause the establishment suffer great loss, accurate and reliable information by way of maintaining accurate records and fast retrieval of records are always essential.
After undertaking this course, candidates will be able to
• establish and maintain effective document and record control systems
• classify files
• keep track of files
• Maintain proper files control
• develop a total effective and efficient Document Control System
• prevent avoidable waste of time and money.
Course Contents
• Definition of Documents and Records
• Difference between Document and Record
• Document and Record Life Cycle
• Control Tools at Each Point of the Life Cycle
• Approaches to Organising and Managing Documents and Records
• Establishing the Required Controls
• Requirements of Control Standards
• Practical Application of Document Control & Records Management.
• Documentation Processes and Practices
• Document Numbering System
• Accessing Documents
• Key Elements of Controlled Documents
• Requirements of Effective Document Control System
• Effective Document Control Methods
• Inadequate Document Control
• Implementing Effective Document Control System.
• Record Filing Systems
• Files Classification Methods
• Misfiling of Important Document
• File Retention
• File Control
• Active and Inactive Files
• Proper Filing Equipment.
• Capturing and Communicating Information
• The Requirements to Help Managers of Records
• Record Retention
• Getting Rid of Obsolete Documents and Records
• Updating Documents
• Control of Obsolete Documents.
• Common Reasons for Poor Document Control
• How Poor Document Control Contributes to Failures
• Different Types of Risks
• Mitigating those Risks though Effective Document Control
• Preventing Non-conformities
• Document Control Improvement Plan
• Develop and implement projects to improve document and records management.
·      3 (three) days
·      Lectures

·      Discussions

·      Individual and group exercises

·      Case studies

·      Activities



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