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Google and Google AdWords
Google’s search engine
Google uses keyword based advertising to target your ads to users searching for your product or service
The text ad headline is limited to 25 characters (including spaces)

Basic AdWords Features

  • The CTR helps determine whether your ad is effective
  • If you elect to show your ads on the Google content network, your ads will be eligible to show on
    websites that contain content related to your ad.
  • Google ads can be targeted to any language or location available worldwide.

Benefits of AdWords

1.  There is no minimum spending limit with Google AdWords
2.  AdWords allows an unlimited amount of changes to an account per month
3.  Google Ads appear primarily on the right hand side of the screen or above the search results and are
titled “sponsored links”
4.  Your ads will appear when a user’s search query includes a keyword that is part of your ad campaign
5.  You control the budget for your advertising campaign. You can set a daily budget and Google will stop
showing your ad when you reach the daily limit.



Search and Contextual Targeting
The Google NetworkImage result for mobile targeting
  • Search result pages like Google do not make up the majority of the web pages viewed on the Internet

i.  Search pages make up 5% of web pages

ii.  Google Network provides an alternative to search pages

  • Google automatically formats your ad to match the look and feel of different network sites
  • Text ads can appear on search and content pages while image ads can only appear on content pages
  • You can set bids separately for both search and content page ads
  • Fine tune your ads for search targeting by:

i. Target specific languages and locations
ii. Choose highly relevant keywords
iii. Use keyword-match types

  • A low CTR on the content network will not affect the ranking of your ad on search result pages
  • A low CTR on content pages does NOT indicate that your ad is not profitable
Contextual Targeting

An effective strategy for creating contextually targeted campaigns is to create overall keyword themes
A Placement Performance Report provides the best information on your textually targeted campaign
Use the site exclusion tool if you find that a particular site does not convert well over time
Point all ads to the same destination URL

Use the Google content network to:
i. Increase awareness by using multiple ad formats
ii. Highlight your unique product to convert casual site visitors into buyers
iii. Use call to action phrases like “Buy now”

Placement Targeting

Ads with placement targeting do not share the ad space of a content page with any other Google ads
Placement Targeting campaigns are useful for advertisers who want to build brand awareness
Placement Targeted campaigns can be expanded text ads, image ads, or animated image ads
Campaigns with placement targeting offer the ability to
i.   Expand your ad to fill all ad space on a page
ii.  Pay on a CPM basis
iii. Choose which sites in which you want your ad to appear
iv. Exclude sites that do not provide a good ROI

 Image result for target user

How AdWords Targets Users

Google does not consider a users previous purchasing history when determining whether to show your ad
Google does not translate ad text
Google determines the location and language of a user through:

  • Google domain (i.e.
  • Query parsing
  • IP address
  • Language Preference Detection

Language and Country/Territory Targeting
Targeting ads to all countries and territories is ideal for businesses that sell products globally
Country and territory targeting allows your ad to show anywhere in the locations you select

Region and City Targeting
Helps keep your quality score high and cost low
Appear in a different format than Country/Territory targeted ads – ads include the chosen region/city in
the last line of ad text
Best for businesses that sell in a specific region or city and want to avoid extra clicks from country wide users
Use the names of cities and regions you do not want to advertise to as negative keywords

Customized Targeting
Customized targeting is best if you wish to reach an audience in a very specific area
It is possible to target an audience within a specified radius of your business location

Three types of customized targeting

  • Create a circle around a specific address
  • Create a circle around a specific point (latitude/ longitude)
  • Multi-point or polygon
    With multi-point targeting you can create target areas of any shape or size