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Advance Human Resource Management


Introduction – Why Advance ?

As productivity and profit become increasingly dependent on employee engagement levels, human resource managers, top-level executives and business owners need to use advanced HR practices to motivate and develop their workforce.

Master the strategic complexities of human resource management, such as the integration of HR into financial planning, the recruitment and hire of executive-level staff, and how best to align human resource management with a company’s overall strategy.

More effective management of Human Resources (HR) increasingly is being seen as positively affecting performance and the competitive success in organizations, both large and small. As human resources have become viewed as more critical to organizational success, many organizations have realized that it is the people in an organization that can provide a competitive advantage.

This comprehensive five-day training workshop which is geared towards helping organizations to ensure the effective and efficient use of their human capital in order to accomplish their organizational goals and objectives. This qualification offers a unique, affordable, cost-effective opportunity for learners to ensure they meet the competitive market demands for modern HRM skills.

In just 2 weeks, you’ll become a strategic partner and better leader in your organisation, backed by a certificate from Makintouch I.C.T.


Course Objectives:

Walk away from this HR course with the skills to:

  • Understand the strategic function of HR management, and apply it to meet challenges unique to the industry
  • Investigate a competency development model that provides for high performance, sequential development and career planning
  • Explore a succession planning process to recruit, develop and retain talent in senior levels of management
  • Retain top talent and strategically leverage the value that employees bring to your organisation.
  • Understand the importance of regarding people as the organization’s most important asset
  • Learn how an organization should manage its Human Resources
  • Confidently recruit the right person with the right package of benefits.
  • Workforce planning
  • Use the most effective recruitment options and modern tools.
  • Understand appropriate reward philosophy and strategy
  • Non monetary benefits and how to maximize their effectiveness
  • Human Resources development and its benefits.

Who should attend?

This course benefits all levels of management, executives, team leaders, HR Managers, Front line and Middle Managers, Consultants, and HR Specialists who wish to increase their knowledge in this area. The course also benefits HR consultants and freelancers whose job is to consult in recruitment and HRM

Human resource professionals can have a strong influence on the efficiency of an organization. The Advanced Strategies in Human Resource Management program at Makintouch Consulting teaches you how to implement successful selection systems, establish strategic partnerships and develop high-performance organizations.

This knowledge is especially useful in human resources, human resource management, office administration, or any role involved in the human resource process and function. The program also offers electives that enable you to further specialize your business acumen.


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