5 Most Efficient Time Management Tips, Skills & Techniques
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The following article presents you 5 of the most efficient time management tips, skills, & techniques that will help you to make use of your time more resourcefully.

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Time Management Tips

In Time Management, being creative with your time is such a frame-of-mind business that if you can find techniques that help you to get around these blocks then, you are onto a winner. The one thing that everyone on this planet have in common, is 24 hours/day and it’s something you cannot escape from. People at our business management courses ask ‘so what is your most valuable resource?’ Most answer by saying it’s people, cash, capital, products, supply and so on. Well actually, the most important resource that everyone has in every single circumstance is time.


These techniques will work for anybody no matter what they are doing.

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5 Most Efficient Time Management Techniques – 1 -Be Specific

  1. Define Specific Work Periods.

Being organized saves tons of time; so use time-sensitive words in your Time Management goals. Make sure you or your audience understands exactly when a task needs to be done by using specific terms like “on Monday” or “before 4:30 p.m.” instead of vague terms like “next week” or “soon.” Show, don’t tell. Having a specific defined work period is very important for your time management success, it’s the old adage of ‘work miraculously expands to fill any time available’ and I’m sure everyone has experienced that at one time or another.

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Time Management Techniques- Split

  1. Split Up Large Projects.

If you have a big project this can be incredibly daunting, perhaps you had an idea for a product and you know this is going to be a monster, but the fact you know it’s a monster stops you from really getting going with it. My advice is, to split this large project up into tiny little achievable chunks and that is a great technique for getting through stuff. As human beings, we need to learn to complete things so we can see results. I’m sure that’s a very base human physiological requirement, to finish stuff, and if your large project is going to take you months to complete, you are never going to feel that satisfaction.

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Time Management Techniques – To-do List

  1. Complex Tasks First, Or During Your Best Time of Day

For many people the best time is first thing in the morning, when they wake up they have a clearer mind (perhaps not until after their first cup of coffee). So many people have a peak intellectual performance in the morning, however if your time is late at night or immediately after lunch, do it then. Whatever you do, do the complex tasks first; I say this because many people work in exactly the opposite way. That! is the time management spirit.


  1. Prioritize 1..2..3

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Time Management Tip – Prioritize

Another way to look at this is to spend 10 minutes at the beginning of the day prioritizing and planning what you are going to do and by doing that you have probably saved yourself an hour or two. It is important that you decide which is the #1 most important project for you to complete at that particular time or day, then decide your 2nd and 3rd. If you don’t plan your time and you just briefly think about what you need to do, it’s very tempting to think ‘I have all of these different tasks and projects, I’m under pressure’ so you just jump in half-hearted. So there, you failed to prioritize which project it was that you really needed to get finished first, that’s the problem.

  1. Use Email Filtering Software and Other Automization.

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Time Management Tip – Use Softwares

If you are going to be efficient with your time it’s extremely important that you are not handling tasks that could be automated in a manual way. Let me explain, many people say that they have half a dozen very easy jobs that they need to finish off first before doing the complex stuff. That is a mistake because the small jobs such as manual data entries, setting up a call/meeting with a client, clearing your ‘inbox’ of email which could include responding to some not very straightforward enquiries, tends to increase until we gradually begin to lose focus. Tones of Customer Relationship, Time Management tools and Email filtering software available online are some of the very obvious examples.


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Time Management

The reason why successful people appear to be so calm is because they have things straight in their minds and they are saying to themselves ‘Ok I know that projects 2,3,4 & 5 are important, but it’s project #1 that I am doing here and now at this moment and so if someone comes and asks me about project #3, I will be able to tell them that I have that on my list with a time slot allotted. Enjoyment should always be the goal. Work can be play; when you spare sufficient time to focus on whats important in your life.

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